Sunday, January 21, 2018


That little insignificant string of letters heading this post means we've advanced our knowledge of at least one branch of the McADIE families, that of George McADIE from Watten.

Previously I-M253, formed some 4-5000 years ago
Now I-S6402, an already named branch formed about 980 BC (see DNASurnames for overview Haplogroup tree).

See also YFull's current (v6.01 of their tree) view of this branch of mankind:
to which this file will eventually be submitted.

To advance further towards present day however will need at least one other matching candidate.
Surely there are some McADIEs or McHARTYs out there interested in exploring further?

What's the BigY fuss all about?

Have a read of this excellent post from the DNAeXplained blog

Friday, February 10, 2017

McHARDY excitement

Details decidedly sketchy as yet, but our sole FTDNA yDNA McADIE project representative has just received an excellent yDNA match - only 1 marker different over 67 tested - surname McHARDY.

Checking around our data it was rather belatedly noticed that our WorldFamilies Summary results page wasn't actually showing any markers at all.
Remedied at least in part for one of the two known tested McADIEs meant to be showing there, and the FTDNA result grid has now been embedded there for up to the minute results.

Watch this space!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Still here

Yes we're still here, and still looking for representatives of any McADIE, or variant, pedigree to join the project and see how many lines are related.
The summary Patriarchs page has had a few minor tweaks in the pedigrees.

Friday, September 25, 2009

24th: Pedigrees posted & yet another name variation

Check out the Summary McADIE Surname DNA Pages for a couple more pedigrees, all from Watten, Caithness.

This activity mainly being prodded along by a distant match (GD 5 at 67 markers, for a different surname) to our sole project representative, not that we can match the respective family trees.

The links in the pedigrees mainly open up the related Supplementary pages for the people concerned.

I was interested to read in a MacADIE will (that of Ralph Anstruther MacADIE, who did early research on the Watten line of John McADIE and Elsepth SUTHERLAND or DONALDSON, and drew a wonderful tree with all it's twigs and leaves), that he considered the family name to be Machardie, and indeed, one of the people declaring that said will was in Ralph's handwriting was one David McHARDY, ironmonger of Aberdeen (1898).

Happy to post any other McADIE etc pedigrees, even happier to welcome new representatives to the project.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st: More results in

A couple more panels of results now in for Noel (M-1), and the overall result grid updated.

Any more McADIEs out there interested to see how they match, just follow the Join links, we'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

22nd: 25 marker results - Lineage 1

Another panel of results have been received for our Lineage 1, and the supplementary pages updated.
Although difficult to compare between EthnoAncestry and FamilyTree DNA results (different markers used), no new differences have popped out between Lineage 1 and 2, just matches.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Preliminary results received

Our first official Family Tree DNA results have been received (1st 12 markers only so far), and updated to our supplementary pages at the DNASurnames.

Interested to see that the 12/12 marker matches have a fair smattering of Scandinavian surnames (our McADIE interest is from Caithness, north of Scotland), and that there isn't a very good match (9/12) with the only other McADIE dna results available to us (although this latter is at least in the same haplogroup).