Friday, September 25, 2009

24th: Pedigrees posted & yet another name variation

Check out the Summary McADIE Surname DNA Pages for a couple more pedigrees, all from Watten, Caithness.

This activity mainly being prodded along by a distant match (GD 5 at 67 markers, for a different surname) to our sole project representative, not that we can match the respective family trees.

The links in the pedigrees mainly open up the related Supplementary pages for the people concerned.

I was interested to read in a MacADIE will (that of Ralph Anstruther MacADIE, who did early research on the Watten line of John McADIE and Elsepth SUTHERLAND or DONALDSON, and drew a wonderful tree with all it's twigs and leaves), that he considered the family name to be Machardie, and indeed, one of the people declaring that said will was in Ralph's handwriting was one David McHARDY, ironmonger of Aberdeen (1898).

Happy to post any other McADIE etc pedigrees, even happier to welcome new representatives to the project.