Sunday, January 21, 2018


That little insignificant string of letters heading this post means we've advanced our knowledge of at least one branch of the McADIE families, that of George McADIE from Watten.

Previously I-M253, formed some 4-5000 years ago
Now I-S6402, an already named branch formed about 980 BC (see DNASurnames for overview Haplogroup tree).

See also YFull's current (v6.01 of their tree) view of this branch of mankind:
to which this file will eventually be submitted.

To advance further towards present day however will need at least one other matching candidate.
Surely there are some McADIEs or McHARTYs out there interested in exploring further?

What's the BigY fuss all about?

Have a read of this excellent post from the DNAeXplained blog